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“I wanted to take the time to say, Thank you, in regards to my new Car Insurance Policy. I am a recent grad trying to adjust to the real world and the cost of things these days just are not as affordable as it used to be in this market. I was struggling to pay my insurance issued through Liberty and unknowingly they changed my rate due to an unfortunate accident. When unplanned things happen it’s a crummy feeling when a service you’re paying for doesn’t have your back. I was not sure where to turn. When hearing about AIM I was open to testing what could be done for me and I was honestly very hopeless due to other major companies telling me the same cost over and over. However, you came through and lowered my bill by $100, which doesn’t sound like much, but honestly makes a world of a difference considering the place I am at in my life. I wouldn’t have been able to save this first and foremost without your friendly and helpful service. The process didn’t take long and you took the time to check things out for my personal situation. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and cared about. I have hope that there are still companies out there who have values to help people and not just raid their pockets. I encourage you and your staff to keep up the great work! It doesn’t go unnoticed!”

What Our Clients Are Saying

Ensures All My Assets Are Protected

“Broker/Owner Marilyn saved me almost $500 every 6 mos on my auto insurance premium. She ensures that all my assets are protected and that I have the appropriate coverages I need without over paying for insurance” Read More

Always On Top of Things

“Marilyn is awesome she knows her business well, she’s always on top of things, she explains in simple terms all the red tape that insurance companies create to potentially settle or deny a claim.” Read More

Patiently Answered Every Question

“A great company in my opinion. I had a lot of questions… and Marilyn patiently answered everyone of my questions and made sure I had a very strong Insurance company and great coverages to protect me based on my needs.” Read More