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For over 40 years, AIM – All Insurance Marketing Financial, Inc. has been a proud member of the AIM organization headquartered in Southern California. This organization, founded in 1962, started as a small independent financial services group, incorporated in 2004. AIM-All Insurance Marketing Financial, Inc. maintains headquarters in the Inland Empire. We are licensed and contracted to conduct business throughout California and Arizona.

Our Passion

hand outside car window blowing in the breezeWhat motivates us is helping people make smart financial decisions. Over 40,000 clients in Southern California have chosen the AIM organization for their financial security. We thrive on helping people manage their assets. Whether offering help insuring your current assets or helping to preserve your assets, we exist to make a difference. Our clients know that we are there for the long haul with their “big picture” in mind.

Insurance Partners

We work with a wide variety of commercial, home, auto, and life insurance companies to find you the perfect coverage for your unique situation at the best rates possible. This is only a handful of our insurance partners. Contact us for more information on all the companies we work with.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Long & Prosperous Relationship with AIM

“Had it not been for your advice, I probably would have put this money into the variable annuity with market risk. Thanks again for your advice and service this last year and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you and AIM.” Read More

Helped Me in a Pinch

“I could not be more grateful or satisfied with their customer service. It’s also nice to know that my broker is just a town over instead of some online entity that’s in the Midwest. I highly recommend them.” Read More

Ensures All My Assets Are Protected

“Broker/Owner Marilyn saved me almost $500 every 6 mos on my auto insurance premium. She ensures that all my assets are protected and that I have the appropriate coverages I need without over paying for insurance” Read More