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“AIM was very helpful to me in getting a quote for homeowners, auto and E&O insurance. I had been with the same insurance company for years. AIM was able to increase my coverage and reduce my premiums. I like being able to call and talk to my insurance agent if I have any questions or if I’m ever in a situation where I need to file a claim. The staff has always been courteous and helpful when I have questions or just need things explained in a way the non-insurance person would understand. I highly recommend AIM for all your insurance needs.”

What Our Clients Are Saying

Helped Me in a Pinch

“I could not be more grateful or satisfied with their customer service. It’s also nice to know that my broker is just a town over instead of some online entity that’s in the Midwest. I highly recommend them.” Read More

Patiently Answered Every Question

“A great company in my opinion. I had a lot of questions… and Marilyn patiently answered everyone of my questions and made sure I had a very strong Insurance company and great coverages to protect me based on my needs.” Read More

Made the Process Easy for Us

“AIM has really helped out these last couple of months with my auto insurance. Marilyn made the process easy for us and when we needed a new car she was able to assist with all my questions with quick responses.” Read More