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“I am a Hartford customer and ended up in a pinch when the state of California said that they never received proof of my insurance for an accident in which I was involved a few months prior. Unknown to me until I visited the Riverside DMV, my license was suspended until I could provide this proof during the time of the accident.

Fortunately, I found AIM close to the Riverside DMV. Even though they weren’t my current broker (I had originally obtained the policy through an online broker), I signed over my coverage to their brokerage and Marilyn was able to assist me immediately in obtaining proof of insurance from The Hartford. Proof in hand, I was able to return to the DMV that very afternoon and get my license re-instated and renewed.

I could not be more grateful or satisfied with their customer service. It’s also nice to know that my broker is just a town over instead of some online entity that’s in the Midwest. I highly recommend them.”

What Our Clients Are Saying

Patiently Answered Every Question

“A great company in my opinion. I had a lot of questions… and Marilyn patiently answered everyone of my questions and made sure I had a very strong Insurance company and great coverages to protect me based on my needs.” Read More

Saved Us Money

“We are now saving almost $950.00 a year with AIM – All Insurance not just this year but in the years to come. We are happy that Evelyn was able to help us understand that companies are like people…different from each other.” Read More

Always Been Courteous & Helpful

“The staff has always been courteous and helpful when I have questions or just need things explained in a way the non-insurance person would understand. I highly recommend AIM for all your insurance needs.” Read More